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Company Details:
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Worldwide
Brands: Fiber Mall
No. of Employees: 200~300
Year Established: 2011
Export p.c: 60% - 70%
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About Us


Fiber Mall is committed to providing solution design, product supply and service support for global data centers, cloud computing, Enterprise networks, access networks and wireless networks.


Our team has rich experience in optical communication product design and development, application support. Our partners are the first-class raw material manufacturers in the global optical communication industry, adhering to the quality pursuit of products with industrial durable goods as the standard. To provide our customers with truly high-quality, assured products, professional, heart-saving solution design and technical service support.


We provide integrated, cost-effective optical communication products, one-stop solutions. Save precious time and cost for our users. For conventional products, we have standing stock, can respond to customers in a timely manner, delivery on the same day, so that customers can get satisfactory products in the fastest time. For large-scale projects, we provide professional consultation, program design and batch product testing, production, and escort the smooth progress of customer projects.


2011  Corporate Founded

2011  Distribution of active Optical Communication Products

2012  Distribution of passive Optical Communication Products

2013  Start the R&D and production of optical modules, Optical cables

2017  Online Sales department established

2018  Jointed with other first-class optical communication manufacturers,established Fibermall,aiming to become a world-renowned optical communication integrated supplier

2019  FiberMall Online Sales Platform officially launched



Since the birth of optical fiber communication, optical fiber communication technology and applications have been developing at a high speed. Optical communication products have been upgraded and upgraded, and their products have become more advanced and mature. Optical communication technology is also more and more widely used, involving all aspects of our lives. To meet the increasing demand of users for data transmission.


There are many kinds of optical communication products on the market. The products of different manufacturers are also emerging in an endless stream. The price and quality are uneven.


We hope to bring together the best talents, designs and products of optical communication, and establish Fiber Mall brand standards with high quality and cost-effective for optical communication products. Provide our customers with professional, heart-saving one-stop solutions. Better customer service, saving valuable time and budget for customers, so that optical communication technology in the world better popularization and application.

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